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Full Version: Skip Straight to Main Feature
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I am just still getting used to this great piece of software and I am just starting to rip my entire collection of films to use in a XBMC setup using Anydvd HD. I back them up as entire folders. When I playback Blu Ray discs XBMC skips directly to the main feature, however when I playback a DVD it loads up all the menus etc. is there any way of skipping straight to the main feature of DVDs as well?

Many Thanks
You could rip them and back them up as individual video files (AVI, MKV, MP4, etc) instead of backing up the entire DVD structure.

You just need a program to rip them. There shouldn't be any noticeable quality loss as long as you use the right encoding settings.
Thanks for your reply azrael, I had considered doing this but was hoping to be able to use this as something of an archive at the same time so I have the entire contents of the disc if I ever wanted it. As I am just starting out this is not too much of a problem was just wondering if it was possible before ripping them as just the films.
You could also try this DVD cloning thingy from the folks you already purchased your other helper from - as far as I know it is able to restructure the DVDs titles so that you could directly jump to its feature...