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Full Version: Kodi is too slow
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I've been experiencing overall slowness in Kodi/XBMC for 2 weeks now. I use it to watch couple of series in SD quality and it takes forever to buffer.

Here's the things I've done so far:
I checked my internet connection; it's fast.
I opened Maintenance and ran cache clear; didn't work out.
I was running Frodo, I updated it; stayed the same.
I ran Fresh Start and re-downloaded add-ons; nothing happened.
I checked other add-ons. I also checked with my ISP, I checked my router, no firewall no nothing.

I also noticed that when I wake up in the morning (I live in Palestine, Ramallah) it's as fast as always! Exactly just after noon it slows down for the whole day until after midnight and it returns as it is. I suspected it to be a server overload but how can it be so timely precise?!

The even weirder.. My brother and brother-in-law are using Kodi too and they're experiencing the same issue I do! I use ATV2 and they use different devices

I'm going nuts!
Any help is appreciated it. I also look for help from Kodi admins please.

Welcome to forums.

If you talking about xbmchub maintenance or addons like http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=149712 you can stop wondering what is wrong.

None of those are supported here and not open to discussion either,

However if you actually happen to be talking about something else please provide a pastebin link a full Debug log (wiki)
well, if it's the case for all of you, then it's not Kodi itself but rather a server side issue. The fact that it happens at the same time underlines this.
Thanks uNiversal

I got the full picture right now. I use XBMCHub to watch series because there's no way other than piracy here. Smile
I would love to have Netflix and pay and watch like other human beings but unfortunately Palestinians do not count as human beings.


Thanks da-anda

I'm gonna have to look deeper into this.
probably the server providing you with the links to the shows is being under heavy load because tons of users in various timezones connect to it. Best is to ask for help over at xbmchub.
Thank you so much da-anda.
I'm already on it.
I really appreciate your help. Smile