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Full Version: Editing keymap
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I have my MacMini (running Kodi Gotham) connected to my B&O television, which sends an IR signal. I can "only" send 7 individual buttons, but this should be sufficient for this purpose.

The good news is that it actually works and I can control Kodi with it. The unfortunate part is that there are not mapped the way I would like them to be. For example, I can pause a movie, but no key is mapped to bring up the menu or to stop the movie.

I believe for changing the mapping, I would be able to edit the keymap. I have tried editing the keymap for different purposes over the last years, but never have been too successful doing so.

May I ask your help how exactly the keymap actually works. There are so many different files and even within the keymap, there are many different mappings.

So, my first challenge will be to find the right part that I will need to edit. And then what to edit (which I assume will be trial & error).

Thanks for any guidance!!!