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Full Version: Problem scanning multi-part episodes
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I am trying to scan a newly added tvshow to my video library. Unfortunately, it only scans the first multi-part episode, but not the second. It just ignores it. Also, when I am trying to force it by using "scan new content", Kodi crashes.

My files are named as follows. Sample NFO content below:

Pocoyo in English - Session S01E01E02E03E04.mp4
Pocoyo in English - Session S01E01E02E03E04.nfo
Pocoyo in English - Session S01E05E06E07E08.mp4
Pocoyo in English - Session S01E05E06E07E08.nfo

Sample NFO file
That nfo looks to me like it only relates to one episode. Also there is no show named "Pocoyo in English" on tvdb. Either of these could be tripping you up, but without a debug log, who knows?
Steve 1977, you should try a recent nightly that has PR5485.
Thanks for your replies. Let me download latest nightly and give it another try. One question about naming convention. The NFO includes the following reference that it is a multi-episode file. Is that the wrong way?