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Full Version: Help with home menu and movie collections
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Hi. I recently discovered Plexbmc and am fiddling around with that and the Amber skinand I could use a little help.

1) How can I customise the home menu? I found the setting where I can enable and disable menu items. I can even rename an unused one to something like Kids Movies, but I cant then get it to do anything? On Aeon Nox I can rename an item and then select what that item does. How can I do that in Amber?

2) When I am using Plexbmc I worked out that I have to manually create movie sets, which is ok, but how do I use them? What I want is to browse down my movies and see only one entry for Harry Potter Collection and then open that to see al lthe movies in that set. Currently I see all of the movies and it clutters up my list. Like this:

Movie Colelction
I foud some details around editing XML files, but couldnt find which files were for the home menu in the skin. Is this the right approach?
Giving up on Amber as the front menu just isnt as editable as Aeon Nox.
Have you tried in XBMC regular settings\Videos\Library and set the "Group Movies in sets"

Worth a shot.
When I selected go plex it was already grouped by sources on the main menu so that was great! Still dont have movie sets working but over all I am very happy with how things are running now. The wife loves it as the watched state is shared across devices.