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Full Version: Handling of 3D movie formats
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I might have missed how to do that but lets assume one has several versions of a movie:

1. The Amazing Spider-Man BluRay iso
2. The Amazing Spider-Man BluRay 3D iso
3. The Amazing Spider-Man BluRay 3DHalf-SBS 1080p
4. The Amazing Spider-Man BluRay 3DHalf-OU 1080p

How can one tag them accordingly in tiny media manager. Huh

I know this might strech it since it is probably something the source sites (e.g. themoviedb) have to introduce but how can one get the cover art of a 3D movie vs the cover art of the 2D automatically without manual intervention? Blush
well, a movie can only have one main movie file.
If we have more, then that are all separate movies (which belong in their own folder, but can exeptionally be in the same - with some drawbacks)
So basically, you should have this movie 4 times listed in TMM, where you could scrape the correct images you like.

MediaInfo can detect the movies as 3D (if they are MKV) so this already works with the $3 renaming pattern.

And you can set a 3D flag per hand in upcoming version if it does not detect this from filename.
But we currently just set a flag, so... it was not designed to have multiple 3D variants Tongue

Detecting the correct images automatically is somewhat.... hard.
Fanart.tv _sometimes_ sets the images as DVD or BluRay, dunno if they do this with all the known 3D formats.
So basically i wouldn't count on this - just scrape manual to have a choice...
Thanks for manual handling 3D, too.
Perhaps it's possible to include in the flag the format of 3d, too (H-SBS, H-OU, etc.). Needn't to be automatically just the possiblity the add it manually.