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Full Version: Movie Poster not use language setting
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I'm scraping with Italian Language and I've set the scraper to use IMDB with plottitle/tagline from TMDB.

All works good, but the downloaded images are only for the english section of the movie.
For example:
In The Darkest Hour (L'ora Nera in Italian) - http://www.themoviedb.org/movie/71469 I got this image as poster: http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/vRfn8...DfpJEn.jpg

but the best one for italian is: http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/axH9r...E3dzB3.jpg

I can choose it manually, but it is a neverend work.

Thank you for your collaboration
How did you scrape?
command line?
what language settings do you have in settings->movie->scraper->language?
what scraper settings activated?
please send us some logs...

b/c when i start it with EN, i'll get the english pic;
Starting with IT, your posted pic is listed as first one (and IIRC this is the one we take)
(at least, for TMDB this works)
I've scraped with the GUI (right click -> Search & scrape selected movie).
It opened a window in those I selected the right movie with a plot preview and a poster preview (the one on IMDB)

in settings->movie->scraper->Language I'm using Italian with certification country Italy
and it is activated IMDB and plot/title/tagline from TMDB.

Your test is correct, infact I got the wrong pic with tMM, but I see the right one with web browser set to italian.

This is the log: http://pastebin.com/921iFkGU

Thank you
I also tried to scrape all of Mission: Impossible movies.
Also the "movie set" seems affected of this BUG. I got the poster, title and description of english part in TMDB.
But if I do right click on the movie set and start "search TMDB for movieset metadata", tMM scrape the italian title and poster (I mean that Mission: Impossible collection becomes Mission: Impossible - La quadrilogia and the poster is the italian one and not the english one), but the description remains in english.

I hope it could help

Thank you
I've just reproduced your issue and it is NOT a bug..

tmm decides to take the english one due to your settings:

Artwork Language = Italian
pref. Artwork Size = 1000*1500px

but the italian poster has only 638*918px - and tmm prefers resolution over language; thus the englisch one is taken.

it is not a bug, it is a feature Tongue

Ok, Is it possible to select the merit (1st: Language, 2st resolution, etc)?

Or Language and "the best available" resolution?

But for moviesets, the behavior is different:
When I sraped the Impossible Mission movies, It creates a moviesets with title, poster and description in english. If I rescrape the already create moviesets, It scrape Italian Title and poster, but description remains in english.
I've set scraper language to IT and scraped the Mission Impossible movies and everytime I get all texts in italian..

maybe this was a temporary problem with TMDB? Could you try again?

meanwhile we have a look how we can change the priority for automatic artwork choosing
I confirm that now the moviesets scrape is very good. I've removed Mission Impossible from DB and deleted pics + nfo in any folder.

Then I scraped the movies and in moviesets I got title, descriprion and poster in Italian.

I hope you can give me the possibility to change priority

Thank you for help me.
I've changed the priority today; The changes will be in the next version
Thank you very much!

I'll wait for the next version because I have 1000+ movies to scrape