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Full Version: Tapatalk failure after domain switch
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Tapatalk doesn't seem to be working after the switch to forum.kodi.tv.

Does the new forum site need to be registered with tapatalk's website somehow?
It appears someone needs to go https://tapatalk.com/activate_tapatalk.php and activate tapatalk on the new domain.
Sorry I was just drawing it to your attention and making sure it was on the radar. No rush.
it's on the radar and as soon as @da-anda reads my email i'm sure it will happen Smile

I don't have the login details.
just got home and changed some stuff in the Tapatalk admin section. Could someone test if it's working again?
It's working.

In my case I needed to search for forums again. You can search using the keyword XBMC or Kodi.
The forum is now called Kodi. I selected it and logged in, When I did this it understood the forum was the same one as i previously had and everything updated.

I sent a notification to our tapatalk users through the administration panel informing them of this change, but am not sure it was received.

ps, @da-anda I added the login details in my secure storage, thanks.
Yes working now, I had searched a few times but was only getting ancillary stuff like tvaddons (which uses the kodi name).

But I now have kodi proper so thanks to all involved.
next thing to do is a tapatalk update - but that has to wait for the weekend
The notification showed up for me.
good to hear, thanks for reporting it !