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Full Version: Advanced Launcher - Not picking up my Rom files
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Well, I stumbled my way through adding Advanced Launcher and an NES emulator but when I do the Add Items, it doesn't find anything. I'm following this tutorial and don't know what I might have done wrong. Anyone have any ideas?

The XBMC.log files shows it's looking in the right folder and all the files end with .nes which is how it's configured.

I have the ROMs stored on a network drive which I navigated to. It shows up properly in the xbmc.log file. I found that if I do the Manually Add Item option it shows me all the files right there and I can add them individually. I'm trying to use the Scan for New Items option which is what comes back with 0 for some reason. I have recursive scanning on and get an error if I try to turn it off.

I added an SNES launcher as well and that does the same thing.

I'm out of ideas but am brand new to Advanced Launcher so might be overlooking something.

Bump for any help. Thanks much!