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Full Version: Helix B1 and recently added.
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Has anything changed in Helix regarding the date added of content? Since upgrading from Gotham a whole heap of TV episodes are showing up at the end of the recently added list, episodes that aired and were added a long time ago. Also the order of recently added movies has changed, I noticed a movie that was added a while ago is at the top of the list. I have <dateadded>0</dateadded> in my advancedsettings.xml. System is minimal Ubuntu 14.04, Helix B1 with Aeon Nox 5 as the skin. I can provide logs or additional files if required.
I believe this is a bug. I saw someone else mention this yesterday and wrote it down on my "list of things to test", so you seem to have confirmed this.
It could also be a skinning issue if aeon nox is not fully supported in kodi 14.
I know I had a similar issue when I was using MQ 5 in kodi 14.

does it happen when you use confluence as well?
Yep same thing in confluence.
I installed Kodi Helix Beta 5 and then RC1 and am seeing an issue with both. It appears my install of Helix isn't looking at the file dates like Gotham used to. Adding <dateadded>1</dateadded> to my advancedsettings.xml doesn't seem to do anything (not that I expected it to).