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Full Version: Aired Date not showing/scraping?
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Using 2.6.3 (r1699) I am having an issue with trying to get the Aired Date scraped for episodes that do have aired date on tvdb.com (I'm assuming that this is Scraper setting "The TV Database" is referring to.) But it always comes up with Dec 31, 1969, which means I have to set the aired date manually for each episode (for over 500+ episodes in one particular series this is a daunting task)

I've Tried to set the logging to 'debug' and looked at the log file in the 'logs' folder (considering that the 'log' folder is always empty) But I do not get any relevant information in what data it is possibly scraping to fail to get an aired date.
could you provide an example which I can debug?
Which show/episode did not get a valid aired date (and please tell me which scraper language you've used - this could play a role for the API..)
Detective Conan: http://thetvdb.com/?tab=episode&seriesid...6047&lid=7
So far I've done upto season 3, and all of them have failed to scrape the aired date.
And it is set to English.
just tried it with Detective Conan and (at least) the first 6 episodes from the first season have been scraped the right way..

could you send us a bug report via the built in feature after trying to scrape metadata from tvdb?
Just tried to Scrape the entire 'series' as a whole and it pulled all data this time around,
Before I was just trying to scrape the individual episodes and it was only pulling the Title/Plot if they were available.
you are right. the date parsing within that dialog did not worked.
is fixed in the next version