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Full Version: can i use xbmc backup to clone a fire tv?
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I've built a Amazon Fire TV xbmc which contains a few add-ons, the CCM skin with custom menu's and a bunch of smart playlists. Also file entries to my NAS. Everything is just the way I want it. I now purchased another kind fire tv that I am going to use on the family room TV.

The config took many hours that I would rather not have to do again.

Since I use XBMC Backup is it possible just to do a restore onto the new amazon fire tv and then change the system name? That sure would save me a whole bunch of time.


Yep, restoring from the backup add-on should work.
(2014-11-09, 03:46)Ned Scott Wrote: [ -> ]Yep, restoring from the backup add-on should work.

Does appear to have worked. Weather settings had to be updated but everything else seems to have come across in the restore. Saved me hours of config time. Thanks.

What app you used to back up your fire TV?