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Full Version: What is the purpose of the Artwork Downloader add-on?
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I'm wondering why/if I should be using the Artwork Downloader add-on if I already get my artwork when I scan my media locations?

I'm a little confused as to why I should use this add-on, but someone mentioned it in another post so it got me wondering.

When I set up my file locations I specified the Universal Movie Scraper and I seem to get all the artwork that I need.

Why would you use this add-on in addition to that?


It downloads clear art, extrafanart, logo's, and some other types of fanart that the scraper does not. I believe the first post of the release forum should explain what this does.

Your skin has to support the use of those types of art to actually see it.
As Frozin said, it downloads the following art for movies and TV shows:
Logos, Clear arts, Disks, Banners, Fan arts and extra fan arts, Movie Thumbs (landscape type image with movie logo),
Your scraper only downloads Poster and Fan art. Anyway, if u're not used to them, or u are using a skin or view without logos, disks, etc, u don't need it.