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Full Version: Command Line Explanation help
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I'm trying to automate my setup using the TMM command line.

First I am manually trying the following

tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe -updateMovies

Then I launch TMM and filter new movies, i see nothing
Hoping to do after the following

tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe -scrapeNew

But i do not see the results I am expecting

The final result would be

tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe -updateMovies -scrapeNew

but even with that command I don't see the new movies with all the data

-once the scrapeNew is used, does the new indicator for a movie disappear?
-if using the scrapeUnscraped, how does TMM determine is a movie is unscraped?
-how does the updateMoviesX work? I dont understand what this means "replace X with 1-9 – just updates a single movie datasource; ordering like GUI"

I have other renamers that filter the movies before it goes to TMM, I use TMM to complete all missing information, such as trailers, movie sets, since TMM does such a better job.[/code]

BTW, I have used, ember, media elch, TMM is by far the fastest and easiest to use. but would love to see some extra features that others have.
yes, should work w/o any problems...

For an explanation of all the parameters, see here
-update* does scan for new files (not yet in database)
-scrape* fetches all the good data from online

Please send us the logs; you should find them inside the /logs/ directory.
Either use the TMM inline bug reporting formular, or simply upload them here


forgot to mention:
the NEW filter just displays the new ones when found in same instance of TMM.
If you restart, or just start after CMD, then you'll see none 'new' (but should see all of them)
And as consequence: the scrapeNew alone does find nothing (only in combination with some -update param) you could try the scrapeUnscraped meanwhile...
Might be changed in near future Wink