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Full Version: Start movie playing in XBMC?
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How could one start playing a movie, series in XBMC (by clicking that arrow): http://i.imgur.com/QmMEyXH.png
It should already spawn you default player.
If not, try specifying one in settings.
If it still does not work, fill a bugreport and submit your logs...
Thank you, myron,

I use XBMC portable. May be I would have to the path to tMM, but that does not seem to work.
I suppose you cant enforce XBMC to play a movie from within tmm..
You can only choose a local media player (like VLC) to play the movies out from tmm..
Alright, it's a pity. It would be very convenient, you could chose a movie / series within tMM and just start it in XBMC.

Yes, at the moment I have chosen MPC-HCPortable because it obviously starts faster.

Many thanks.
You could probably send a json /rpc request.
I know, but that is not implemented yet Wink