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Full Version: Rating of TMDB or IMDB?
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How can one spot out whether this is the rating of TMDB or IMDB (without going to the settings): http://i.imgur.com/XzFSjQE.png
Maybe sometimes xbmc/kodi misses something and that is when user inter-action is involved?

I can spot that!

Go to TMDB and the result of a search for that is:


go to imdb and the result is this:


so not sure of your question exactly?

EDIT - Sorry I put that in wrong forum. NO Nothing about this media manager :-( Strike me off your list. So sorry. My bad :-(
well, we only save one "rating"... so... you can't.
Thanks, myron,

Sorry, I do not understand at all. It looks like you can chose between e.g. downloading the rating of IMDB or TMDB. That's not correct?

Thank you again.
you can specify the scraper where the data comes from upon scraping.

once in your library, you will never know where the data came from..
Thank you, mlaggner.

Quote:once in your library, you will never know where the data came from..
So, this rating - http://i.imgur.com/XzFSjQE.png - might come from TMDB and it might come from IMDB (or from somewhere else), is that correct? You cannot identify it.

Many thanks again.