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Full Version: Changing default view mode
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Hi all, just wanted to ask if there is some way to set fanart view mode as the default so that all main menu's and sub menu's start with fanart in stead of list? I can do this manually but would be helpful to make it the default view mode.
Yes, I'm interested by this "feature".

I have found this thread from Confluence skin :


And try modifie AMber skin by editing MyVideoNav.xml and change

<defaultcontrol always="true">50</defaultcontrol>


<defaultcontrol always="true">59</defaultcontrol>

and add this line under :


Then I remove guisettings.xml and ViewModes6.db and start XBMC, set Amber as default skin but when I enter Movies menu, I'm always on default list view Sad
I got mine to do it set the default directorys for when you click the main buttons for movies or tv shows. Then set the display mode for the directory to whatever you want.