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Full Version: regex / skip text during scanning
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A lot of the videos i download comes with an annoying tag in the filenames.
All the files start with the tag [www.somewebsite.com]

So i must manually remove it or else the system fails to scan the correct movie, thinking that the website tag is part of the movie name.

How can i add the tag to the regex containing the text skipped during scrapping ?
It should automatically remove stuff in brackets, I think. I'm not very good with regex stuff, though.

If you look at the advancedsettings.xml (wiki) wiki page and look at the cleanstrings section, it should list what the detail regex is and how to tweak it: Advancedsettings.xml#cleanstrings (wiki)
I'm really noob with regex so i don't know what syntax to use to remove the tags..
Reading this more closely, I don't think it will help you. Cleanstrings only works on the end of the filename for some reason, and we need to remove something at the start of the filename.

Hmm, I'm not sure if there's an easy way to do this without manually changing filenames.
help? Sad
Hi anarchoi, I stumbled on your post when I was looking for a solution myself.

Here is a link that inspired me to find my solution: link

And here is a link where I put my solution to my specific problem: link

Two things you should be aware of:

- the regular expressions in both links are probably not 100% accurate for your case since you want to be able to remove '.'s. You can simply add the '.' in the expression. \. should work, but it seems that some people had to encode them in ASCII, for example in my regular expression [ was encoded as %5b , so for the dot that would be %2e (see table).
- if you want to have that removed for both movies and series you have to modify both scrapers, but knowing the one for movies, the series one shouldn't be hard to find.

Best of luck!