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Full Version: DEBUG: audio stream stalled. start buffering - what is the cause?
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I have had constant buffering issues with xbmc and kodi. With an HD channel it buffers every few seconds.

The log file shows this error.
"DEBUG: audio stream stalled. start buffering"
Lots and lots of times, I am interested in any suggestions that might fix the problem. Please post your suggestions.

I am using the onboard sound (analogue out) with an Asus P5B motherboard, should I buy a sound card instead?
I am using Windows Vista, could this be the problem?
The sound card has nothing to do with it.

The Data is not coming in fast enough. WLAN?

Debug Log might help
No it is not from LAN the usb tv stick is installed on the same computer. There is no lan or internet streaming involved.

I made a log but lost it, I'll make another one.