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Full Version: Has multipath support been (or about to be) dropped for Helix?
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I have 5 separate disk volumes that are mapped as one Movies video source in Gotham and have had this configuration in place for years of running XBMC.

Can one of the devs confirm please if multipath support is going to be dropped or not from the final Helix build? If this is going to be the case, am I best to ditch my current video library db, remove my multipath Movie source and re-create as 5 individual Movie sources (and 1 for TV shows on another volume) and then rescrape all content to recreate the library? Just trying to future proof my configuration before the Helix final release.

Thanks in advanced for your help.
Yes it is dropped in helix afaik. Yes it is best to split the sources.

Not sure if you could export your db as xml - alter the pathes in the xml and re-import the db instead of doing it from scratch.
Thanks very much for the advice, I'll have a look at the XML export option. Failing that, I'll add separate sources and re-scrape/rebuild the library.
What commit dropped it? I missed it!?
I was under the impression that such library sources would still work, and be migrated in the database as individual paths? If this is something that the user needs to take action for, then we'll want to document that as much as possible. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I'll do what I can.
My multi-path sources continue to work fine in Helix master, I'm actually a bit confused as to what is suddenly no longer working. I can understand that multi-path sources may be handled differently internally to simplify things, but from the users point of view they should still be supported as they have been in previous releases.
Mhhh maybe i am confused. This thread made me think it is gone:

190865 (thread) but then again i don't find a pr from jm which would have removed it. Maybe its simply "broken" then?
It's still in for sure. Could be something is broken in remote cases

I haven't tried any of the Helix betas so wasn't pointing out a fault with multipath sources. I simply wanted to make sure I was ready to upgrade when Helix stable was released and it was this article 190865 (thread) that caused me to raise the question of future multipath support.

Just to be safe, I scrapped my multipath sources last night and reconfigured with separate sources and then rescanned and rescraped all content to create new dbs, thumbnails etc. This was probably a worthwhile exercise for me anyway as my .xbmc folder had grown to 12GB over the years of upgrading, experimenting with skins, addons etc.

Thanks very much for maintaining such a great HTPC application. I have been a keen user of it since the modded original xbox days. (I still have 2 of them :-))
I totally recommend texturecache.py to maintain your thumbs/cached images. Excellent tool with great garbage collection ability. Easier to use than it looks and is indeed on my toolbox and regularly used.
Awesome stuff, thanks very much uNiversal, I didn't know such a tool was available and is even in the Arch Linux AUR. I'll be installing tonight for sure!

Thanks again.
This appears to the the last commit from jmarshallnz in this area 4977 (PR) not sure exactly what it does but this http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=190865&page=2 suggests it removes multipaths from the database, don't know what if any difference it makes from a user perspective.
If you use Linux you should check out mhddfs. I started using it a while ago and it works great Smile
I see that dropping of multipath is back on the agenda
190865 (thread)
Devs seem to support removing it.

I use it (although currently somewhat broken in Kodi Helix - perhaps as a result of the change above) because I have a few USB disks of TV recordings. When one gets full I drop in another one - and add relevant directories from it into the multipath list under "Videos".
It then inherits all of the attributes (such as content type).

Also - since not everything manages to scan directly into the library it is useful to be able to go to a menu item in Videos that points to the folders containing the files so that I can manual force a scan or simply start watching from a list of files that never made it into the library.
Nonsense, there is no chnage from wahts already been discussed so far and no work has been put forward as PR towards removal of multipath support. And even if it did you see no difference from user side.
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