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Full Version: Update library does not return item after removed
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For about a few weeks I am noticing that I cannot get item (read item as movie,episode,etc) back to the library with updateing library.

For example: you select remove item from library and choose not to be deleted from disk, then you run update library

Before this process would return item into library, but now it doesnt.

I am running latest nightlies Kodi on Windows 8.1, but as friend told me on cubiebox it is the same.
Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

Thank you in advance
Perhaps related: 207452 (thread)

Continue discussion there if so, as you'll come to the attention of those that have already investigated this issue.

A debug log (wiki) always massively increases the chance of someone taking an interest in your issue.
Thank you Milhouse.
Known issue. I've recently fixed the path invalidation for musicvideos and movies. I've intentionally left out the tvshow part in order to to not raise a regression for the upcoming Helix release. @Crssi, mind filing a trac ticket so we don't forget about it? Feel free to assign or cc me.
"Scan for new content" will still work, right? That ignores the hash?