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Full Version: Quickest way to set up across multiple devices
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This is not about syncing libraries, although I do have one question related to that. This is about ensuring all the same addons, profiles, general settings are sync'd across multiple devices.

So here's the question, once I have my set up "perfected" on one device (let's call this the master device), is there a quick and simple way to update all the other devices so that they appear in the same way as the master device? I can ssh into all the other devices from master device, so are there basically folders in the XMBC/Kodi directory that can just be copied across to the other devices. I hasten to add that the other devices are a mix of Windows PCs, raspberry Pis running Openelec and android phones/tablets.

My question related to the library is that I would like the master profile and adults profile to be sync'd at all times (I have the libraries set up on MySql), e.g. if I mark a movie as watched on the adults profile it automatically updates the master and vice versa? I have the adult profile set up as shares with default (NOT the read only setting).

I've never tried this so I'd recommend doing a little testing first, but you should be able to setup your master device. Download and install appropriate version of XBMC onto slave device (may need to be same build as master) and then copy the userdata folder from the master to the slave(s). Should give you the same setup on all devices. Perhaps try with 2 devices just to see what happens. Backup anything important first.
Use the xbmc backup addon.
Perfect! Thanks nickr for the back up.

Any ideas on the syncing of the two profiles?
I've never used profiles sorry.
Unfortunately the back up when trying to do so on raspberry pis takes an age and actually quicker to set up manually, shame Sad
I am revisiting this as performing a new build from scratch. I am using a mixture of Android and Window devices.

Can I do the following?

Once I have perfected the set up on one device (same Windows desktop) can I then delete the addons, media and usersdata folders on the Android devices and then copy those folders across from the Windows device?
Some options in, eg, guisettings.xml will not carry across, like acceleration options which are OS and hardware specific.
thanks nickr. Am I right in say that as long as I then edit those settings post the copy things should be fine?

I have already done the copy and it sort of seems to work although and might be more a hardware issue (I am using a Minix X8-H Plus). Kodi occasionally crashes and freezes the entire box. I am discussing this over at their forums to see if others are having the same issues.