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Full Version: Helix mySQL Gotham backwards compatability
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I have 3 different instances of Gotham running in my place, they all share my library off a mySQL instance I run locally.

Just for fun i thought i would compile a Helix build and see how it is (great BTW). My Gotham boxes use BD structure = video77 and I linked the helix build to my SQL server and it pulled off the video77 database perfectly. I noticed it also created it own video90.

My problem is it seems to have copied the videos from video77 and put them into video90, so if i add content to my library from my Gotham build the helix build does not update because the copy was made on first boot of the Helix build.

But i cant use Helix as my scraper because my Gotham builds are not compatible with video90 DB structure.

Is there a way for force Helix to use older structures? It would be great to play with Helix for a bit but im not ready to bring my entire network over.

ideas? thanks!
Helix uses the 90 database while Gotham uses 77 so they won't share data. You can add new content twice which isn't too hard or if you add a lot add it to Gotham and delete/drop the 90 database then when Helix is next started it will recreate the 90 database and populate it with the 77 data. Hope this makes sense Smile
Hey Dilligaf,

Your right, that would do the trick, it adds one more step after I scrape but that's not the end of the world.