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Full Version: Karaoke setup on XBMC
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I am using a Fire TV to run XBMC and would love to have a karaoke setup. I understand that there is a karaoke addon, but my question is more about the hardware. What hardware do I need to hookup microphones so that they can play nice with the XBMC? I do not want anything fancy, but something where I can have a microphone (preferably two microphones) sync with the music played on XBMC. If you have a working Karaoke setup, I would love to hear about the same. Thanks!
My setup (after many previous evolutions going through the media PC/ubuntu) is a separate system for the vocals.

The karaoke tracks play through the media pc/home theatre.
The vocals are 2 standard xlr microphones going through a small Alesis MultiMix 4 mixing board (it's meant to be USB, but I'm using it as a stand-alone mixing board).
This then goes into a Mega GL 15 amp via a 1/4" mono line.

I find this is more than adequate to provide the volume needed for a large room in a house with lots of people. It also lets you avoid feedback easier given that the vocals aren't going through the surround sound system (with speakers coming from every direction).

I'm running XBMC (have held back from moving to kodi until karaoke is working reliably in it)