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Full Version: Helix Beta 3 PVR Channel Group Manager Channel Numbers
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Have a possible bug on Kodi Helix Beta 3:

Using pvr.wmc as live TV client using US ATSC broadcast channels (major.minor virtual channel numbers)

In Settings - Live TV - General have "Use backend channel numbers" radiobutton selected (on).

Calling up the Channel Group Management in the "middle" list of "ungrouped channels" (list id 11) the ChannelNumberLabel for all channels is displayed as "0.y" where y is the correct minor channel number. In the "rightmost" list of "channels in selected group" (list id 12) the correct ChannelNumberLabel is displayed as "x.y" where x is the correct major channel number.

Using ListItem.ChannelNumberLabel elsewhere also results in returning 0.y for any channels not in the current group.

My guess is the problem is that "channel number" is using "0" to flag that a channel is not a member of the current channel group in CPVRChannelGroupInternal.

scott s.