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Full Version: ListItem.Cast problem again
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According to the wiki it should show a 'concatenated string of cast members of the currently selected movie' when used in dialogvideoinfo.xml but all I can get it to show is one actor.

Never worked, AFAICT
Works here. Put it in a textbox or use label with wrapmultiline true.
I see. Not very useful if it's formatted that way. This should be alternative to actors container and formatted as one liner IMHO
Another label where we could do with different format options.

Certainly missing Jonathan and pieh.
It is indeed presented as a list of names; perhaps an option of providing the separator would be possible?


$INFO[ListItem.Cast(, )]    Actor 1, Actor 2, Actor 3, Actor 4
$INFO[ListItem.Cast( / )]    Actor 1 / Actor 2 / Actor 3 / Actor 4

In the meantime I'm pulling the names from the cast list (50) even though they include the role.

$INFO[Container(50).ListItem(0).Label], $INFO[Container(50).ListItem(1).Label], $INFO[Container(50).ListItem(2).Label], $INFO[Container(50).ListItem(3).Label], $INFO[Container(50).ListItem(4).Label]
I've started working on this, but I feel like Kodi's info system makes it kinda hard to pass a parameter to the cast tag. I'm still unsure about which route to take. I could separate the cast tag from the other listitems and handle it individually or I could add an additional parameter to a bunch of functions. I'm still looking for the third, pretty option.
Without actually having looked at the code I'd go with an additional parameter for the separator that's optional to keep backward compatibility.
Skins would be backwards compatible anyway. It's just that none of the solutions I've come up with so far are even close to what you'd call aesthetically pleasing. Then again, I still haven't fully figured out the depths of the info system. So this might just take a little while longer than I originally expected.

I try to retrieve Cast name and put it in ViewsVideoLibrary.xml as I have Director name or writer.
I tried to put :

replacing the writer name :


But it does not work.

Only works for dialogvideoinfo.xml.
So there is no way to have the casts in ViewsVideoLibrary.xml, as we have other movie info when browsing movies?
No, as it would slow down the listing because of the extra database queries.
Thanks Hitcher.
Do you know if I can do something (a trick) to have the casts displayed?
maybe loading a small dialogvideoinfo.xml with just the casts in a block in ViewsVideoLibrary.xml ?
Go check out the Skin.Helper add-on, it has a cast solution.
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