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Full Version: Multiple profiles for access restrictions
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I have XBMC (Gotham 13.2) set up, using mysql for db storage. All is great. I can run this on my main HTPC, as well as a laptop and even on my android phone (the latter with some obvious issues).

Now I want to set up several profiles where each one has its own set of flags (mainly watched/unwatched). Also I would like to have restrictions on what each profile can access. Most important: non-master profiles can only access the videos and music via the library ("Movies", "TV", "Music"), and not the files folder; I would like to remove (or disable) the "Files" entry under the "Browse" option, and do the same with the "Video" and "Music" entries in the "Settings" menu. And maybe a few others, as well.

It also would be nice to filter access to videos and music by tags, or even genres.

Essentially, I want a setup where normal users can't make any changes to the db. Only watch/listen etc. Of course, this still allowing the master to have full access.

I'm not concerned with running XBMC on different machines - that works well enough now.

I thought that that was the purpose of having multiple profies. I have found in the forums various answers with various schemes, but none seem to address this issue.

Any pointers to how to accomplish this will be greatly appreciated.



I guess maybe no one understands my question.

I am just trying to use the multiple login feature to restrict access to various logins. I haven't found any information around here about how to do that, or, for that matter what that feature actually does.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

use profiles and set up each "basic" profile with only the sources you want them to be able to see.

Then lock each "basic" profile in kiosk mode then they can't make any changes and can only view what you've allowed them to.

Works well enough for me with 3 profiles.