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Full Version: TV folder as subfolder of Movies folder - bugs when scraping?
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I have done the following expecting it to work fine -- which it does, but not allways!
I'm using Kodi beta3, but I had the same issue with XBMC 13.2. This happens in all OSs I tried: Windows, MacOSX and Linux.
  • I have a folder "Movies/" for which I set the content as "Movies" with the TMDB scraper.
  • Inside Movies I have a subfolder "Movies/TV/" for which I set the content as "TV Shows" with the TVDB scraper. I unchecked the option "Selected folder contains a single TV show".
  • Inside "Movies/TV/" I have stuff like "Movies/TV/The Sopranos/", etc.

For the most part, scraping works fine and the "Movies/TV/" subfolder is scraped using TVDB and it finds the TV shows that are each a subfolder inside. However, sometimes, Kodi gets confused and scrapes a TV show with a completely different name, e.g. "TV offal" (or something like that) instead of the actual TV show that I added next to the existing ones. If I click inside this awkward "TV offal" then there are fewer episodes but I can play them ... the episode names are from this "TV offal" show, but the actual file is the one I added, which gets played.

It always seems to find TV shows that have the string "TV" in their title, e.g. "TV offal", "Banana TV" etc ...

Now, I can see that Kodi actually mapped this "TV offal" show to the "Movies/TV/" folder, the root TV folder! (I can see that if I try to remove it from the library).

Is this a bug or expected behavior? I'd prefer not to put the "TV/" folder outside of "Movies". EDIT: It's actually beyond my control as explained further below in another post. I'm aware the folder structure is not a popular one.

Looks like a bug, because after I add a subfolder under "Movies/TV/", say "Movies/TV/The Killing/" and update the library, Kodi seems to first match "TV" to some TV show name containing the string "TV", then assigns episodes to it from the new files under "Movies/TV/The Killing/" that were added, ignoring the subfolder "The Killing" (Kodi is otherwise versatile in ignoring subfolders of TV show folders)

Since I explicitly unchecked the "Selected folder contains a single TV show" option for the "TV" subfolder, then I expect Kodi to first scrape the subfolders under "TV/" before matching the folder "TV" itself

... in fact, I don't want it to match the "TV" folder itself to any TV show. I want Kodi to scrape only its subfolders. Is there a way?
why would you do that? seriously?
Quote: I'd prefer not to put the "TV/" folder outside of "Movies"
what justification do you have for that?
(2014-11-23, 03:31)helta Wrote: [ -> ]why would you do that? seriously?
Quote: I'd prefer not to put the "TV/" folder outside of "Movies"
what justification do you have for that?

I don't want to be an ass, but that's beyond the point. My statement you quoted clearly shows that I'm aware of the alternative. Answering your question would take this thread into a completely different direction.

My questions were about something else, and I may have discovered a bug too. If possible, I would honestly appreciate an answer to those 2 questions I asked. I'll be happy to discuss my reasons afterwards.
Here's the question you should be asking. Hey, why do I get unpredictable behavior when I refuse to follow conventional naming schemes and folder structure? That would be easier to answer.
Right, can anyone (else) actually confirm the following:

- is this is a bug or expected behaviour?
- is there is a way to ask Kodi to only scrape the subfolders of the "Movies/TV/" and not the "Movies/TV/" folder itself? (note that I did uncheck the "Selected folder contains a single TV show" option for it).

Kodi certainly allows subfolders to have different content type than the parent folder (folder "a/" with type Movies, folder "a/b/" with type "TV shows", subfolders and files "a/*/" with the default type Movies) -- I'm just using its available options; I'm not forcing it to do anything outrageous.

A workaround is to rename the folder "TV/" into something that will never match any existing/future TV show, e.g. "DoNotScrapeThisFolder/". Obviously I'm able to work around it and am aware of the usual ways -- What I'm interested in is an answer to the above 2 questions.
before anyone actually answers those questions, ask yourself this;

you set the root folder as Movies, end period stop. why would you put TV shows under that? seriously, think about your logic
Can anyone else confirm the following? I think you're going to be waiting a while before you find anybody else with a similar folder structure.
Actually, what's supposed to happen when you mix movies and TV show sources is that XBMC rips a hole in time-space and a body double of yourself from another reality jumps out and starts making out with you. It's really disturbing and I don't recommend it at all.
A Debug_Log (wiki) taken while scraping would tell exactly what is going on, however it sounds entirely reasonable behaviour when you have content types mixed in this way.
(2014-11-23, 11:54)jjd-uk Wrote: [ -> ]A Debug_Log (wiki) taken while scraping would tell exactly what is going on, however it sounds entirely reasonable behaviour when you have content types mixed in this way.

Many thanks. I'll turn on debug logging and post the log next time it happens.

If this is expected behaviour or something that is not supported in Kodi, then it may be a good idea for Kodi to disallow changing content type of subfolders when a content type was set for the parent (right now it allows it and looks as if it's expected to work, which it does most of the time but on occasion it gets confused -- docs don't mention any expected problems, despite what's been said in this thread, unless I missed something).

The reason I have this unpopular structure is that it's on a webdav server which is not under my control -- it's more difficult to get the "TV/" folder outside "Movies/" than it is to get it working on my side in Kodi. I'm only looking to understand this technical issue (or feature) of Kodi ... the sarcastic/offensive replies in here are surprising. I guess that stopping at assuming the poster is stupid and consequently bashing them must be offering some satisfaction or internet points...
normadize, I think your unusual folder structure has probably made things complicated. I don't think the replies were that sarcastic/offensive or that anyone assumed the poster is stupid. You obviously had good reason to ask what you did. But it may have been easier if you had mentioned in the first place the limitations you had with your folder structure? Are you saying that you have NO control over this webdav server? No ability to change ANYTHING at all on it and that all you can do is read from it?
@steeb: thanks for the reply. Yes, I can only read from it. The only control I have is making a plea to the admin to change the structure, which I'd like to avoid and is also very unlikely to work (trust me). But it's really a technical issue/feature of Kodi that I'd like to grasp, I really don't want to deviate into discussing my logic/stupidity/reasons/etc. As for the others' sarcastic comments, past experience showed that laying out reasons from the get go brings about even more offtopic/flak/sarcasm and deviates the discussion from the actual point of interest. I prefer to stick to the technical issue.
Oh, whoa is me. Explain your situation fully next time. You set yourself up and I believe you knew exactly what would be coming. So instead of explaining yourself fully, you chose to be a martyr and play the poor me pity card. Boo hoo.
Hi normadize, understood about your reluctance about laying out reasons from the get go, but in this instance I think it may have helped for people to understand why you had these limitations. You got some pretty important people replying to your post, who are very busy, and most likely very tired, as I said am sure no offense was meant :-)

The technical issue is of course how you can deal with your problem.

I believe you if you have no control of the folder structure but do think then jjd-uk answer is for the logs.

Kodi is good, damn good but obviously has an issue here.

Unless of course you are running a shared mysql db and more than 1 instance of Kodi.....
I'm still a bit confused, who is adding the files? the admin or you? If you then is it just the Movie folder you have full access to, and it's just anything outside that which is read only?

If you can create sub folders under Movies then personally I'd create:

Folder: Movies/Movies

Where: Movies (no content set) / Movies ( sub folder with content set)

Folder: Movies/TV

Where: Movies (no content set) / TV ( sub folder with content set)
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