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Full Version: Accessing or using Kodi from Android phone with WD MyCloud
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I have Kodi running on my main home PC (Server of a kind) with a HDMI & Optical connection to HDTV and a Surround sound system. It's the best thing since sliced bread!

Got Yatse running on all phones and tables (about 5 devices) in the house.

WD Mycloud is setup with all the music on it, videos are on server. Everything works sweet when on WiFi in the house.

I have a No-IP account setup to get around changing IP address issue and HH5 Router is configured to open Firewall and PortForward to Kodi on Server using port800.

I can play videos & music whilst on other peoples WiFi, but on 3g/4g I don't get a connection.

It stumped me this week when the wife asked if she could play cloud music on her Android phone whilst out jogging, ofcourse you can I answered. Technically she can with the WD MyCloud app, we can access the cloud drive fine on 3g/4g through WD's app, but you have to download content and play it locally.

It would be really cool if she could use Yatse or Kodi on her device and play/stream content through 3g/4g.

Problem is I don't know how to setup Kodi (running on a phone) to access the WD MyCloud on anything other than LAN/WiFi.

Can anyone help me keep the wife happy?