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Full Version: iPlayer live radio BBC Radio 6 Music
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I'm using XBMC 13.2 on my Windows laptop to test things out and iPlayer live radio works fine.

I'm trying to build a HTPC on an Intel NUC and have have installed xbmcbuntu with xbmc 13.2 also on it. However I can't get iPlayer live radio to work for BBC 6 Music station. It has played once, but ever other time it just says "Working" but doesn't load the station and I have to turn the system off to stop it.

Any ideas why it might work on one system and not the other?

I installed xbmc log uploader but get a message saying "error script failed! xbmc log uploader" when I try to use it (happens both on Windows and xbmcbuntu machines)
I have managed to upload a log of the problem listening to iPlayer radio:


Can anyone decipher and let me know what is going on?

This turned out to be a slow network issue. When I did a speed test I realised that the xbmc ethernet connection was a third of the speed of other wireless connections on the same network. When I tried wifi on xbmc it was also a third of the speed. So I upgraded xbmc and that fixed the wireless issue (though not the ethernet issue) and the speed test was similar to other connections on the same network. Not had a problem streaming radio since then.