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Full Version: When watched a film XBMC set as watched on .nfo?
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one question more.

I've already all .nfo files from my media.

Now is working great that every film I set on TMM as watched XBMC recognizes it as that.

But what happen in the other way around?

I mean if I scrap a film with TMM and is set as not watched after watch it on XBMC,

1. Does XBMC write the .nfo as watched?
2. Will be it recognize by TMM afterwards?

Thank you
1) interesting question; never tried that :p
IMHO Kodi just remember this in it's internal database and only write the NFOs, if you force an export of them. (-> settings somewhere)

2) kinda
Once we have this movie in our DB, we won't re-read it (simply because we never know, which information is more accurate - TMM or NFO)
You could delete this movie from DB, and then TMM readds the movie, and recognises the watched flag inside the NFO.

Since this is always sub-optimal, there evolved nice services like trakt.tv, which eases the handling across multiple media players...