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Full Version: Cache for sets and a flag for H265
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is it possible to add the fanart/poster for moviesets to the picturecache and a flag for HEVC/H265 would be nice

the cache for movie set artwork _should_ work already.. that is a little bit tricky because the artwork does not have any defined place where it will be (it can be either in the artwork dir or in the movie dir)..
nevertheless I will check the implementation

I'll have a look at the MP theme, where I "borrowed" the icon - maybe there is also a H265 icon there
Ups my bad, can I set a folder in the tMM settings where all the posters/fanarts for the sets are stored on my htpc. In my case that would be \\HTPC\Mehrteiler\Mehrteiler\ZZZ

Oh Man ich wünschte mein Englisch wäre besser.
Kann ich irgendwo in den tMM Einstellungen den Ordner festlegen in dem die Poster/Fanart der Sets gespeichert sind.
Bei mir wäre das z.b \\HTPC\Mehrteiler\Mehrteiler\ZZZ da ich von nem anderen PC meinen HTPC organisiere. nur wenn ich da was eintrage, bekomme ich die Poster/Fanart nicht zu sehen. Is mir vorher gar nicht aufgefallen:



The cache for the sets is working now, don't know why haven't changed something in the meanwhile

The H265 icon would be cool
I've just added the h265 icon - it will be in the next release.