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Full Version: Clicking "info" causing episodes to display in "TV"
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I have recently set up a ASUS Chromebox with OpenELEC running 13.2. I set up multiple smb shares for both movies and tv, all of which have shown up with my local nfo files great except for one. I have one tv share from my network from which all shows show up in my library of television shows when I scroll through, however, if a show from this share is selected there are no episodes present. All other shares show all episodes from their shows and a movie share from the same drive as the faulty tv share also works fine. I can navigate to all seasons and episodes of every show on the faulty share through files, but no matter which way I try to update library or scan for new shows does any episode from this share show up. When I force a scan, it appears to be going through all the shows, but does not actually list the names of the shows like it will with any of the working shares. Any ideas what the problem could be with this? Thanks
Trying to figure this out, I've noticed that on shows that don't display any of my episodes when looking under TV, if I navigate to the same show under files click info on an episode, it then shows up under TV. Any ideas why scanning is not picking up my local nfo files, but clicking "info" when in files causes it to scan and subsequently show up under TV? It would be a pain in the ass to have to do that with all of the episodes that haven't shown up after auto scans.