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Full Version: [Possible Bug] (Japanese/Hiragana/Kanji) Movie Title not being parsed properly
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Hey, so I have a lot of Japanese movies and themoviedb scraper has a very difficult time parsing the title and giving themoviedb.org a proper query. What I found was if a title had hiragana (ひらがな - that stuff) or katakana (カタカナ - that stuff) it almost never returned a successful search result - i.e. it said there was nothing in the database. However, in some cases if I simply deleted the last one or two characters of the title during the manual entry it would return the movie title I wanted. Keep in mind I made sure that the movie titles I was testing were exactly the same as those on themoviedb.org by changing my file names, not the entries online. Now, in cases where there were kanji (漢字 - that stuff) and hiragana or katakana, if I deleted all of the hiragana/katakana and left only kanji, it would again return the proper result. So, I assume the problem lies with the regular expressions inside the scraper and its initial parsing of the text, but I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to that stuff, hence why I'm posting here. If anyone could give me some advice on how I might fix this or if they would be willing to look into it, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, the same thing happens with thetvdb.com scraper.