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Full Version: No TV or Movies
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Hi. So We have XBMC 13.1 was working fine, went 'Home' when I went to look at the movies the skin had changed to a Xmas tree and all the links had gone. We have updated the add ons, don't auto fix then a restore. Local version is now saying '0' and we keep getting add on not compatible error messages. Mod pro is working.

I have exhausted my very few geek skills..... Please help. :
I think someone broke into your house and reconfigured your HTPC. I suggest buying new door locks.
Nice one Ned, made me laugh Big Grin
I'd there a Xmas skin? My family hates when I change skins, but that might be fun.
Some skin like CCM has an holiday theme setting, if that is selected it change theme based on date
Or, if you use repos from some of the banned addons they have been known to hijack people's systems.
I dunno, guys. This sounds a lot like the time someone broke into my house, didn't steal anything, and downloaded all that porn on my laptop that my girlfriend found.
Please provide more info. What type of system, what type of skin were you using, do you have any repos that could be malicious?

Easy fix = wipe & restore a backup from xbmc backup. 10 min fix. If you didn't make a backup, lesson learned. Sad

Every time I go home, there is always something in my house replaced with a Christmas Tree. If you want my opinion, you got off easy. I have stories that I'd rather not speak about.