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Full Version: Is there a good add-on to replace the Boxee music player?
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I have 500G of music on a HD connected to my Boxee. The Boxee player worked great, but the after loading XBMC, the XBMC player does not recognize a lot of the songs and requires a bit of navigation if songs are in different directories. Is there a good Add-on for playing music from my HD or a different solution? Thank you.
you may have posted in the wrong subforum...
Sorry, just joined. Where should I post this to? Appreciate the help. Thank you.
I've moved the thread to (hopefully) the right subforum
Did you follow the instructions here?


This looks like what I'm looking for except for the life of me I cannot locate the Context Menu that is shown in the link you sent to me. I am not in Library mode. I have my HD plugged directly to my Boxee Box and can see the directories, but do not know how to get the additional Context Menu to appear so that I can scan my music to the Library. I am running XBMC 13.0 if that helps. Thank you for your initial response. If there's some additional guidance you can give for accessing the Context Menu, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

2 Scanning Your Music Into the Music Library

To scan your music collection into the Music Library, first make sure you are not in 'Library Mode' (checkmark on the left). Next, browse to the location of your music collection and bring up the Context Menu. (The selected item can be a music file, a folder containing music files, or a folder containing other folders.) Select the option labelled "Scan Item to Library". XBMC/Kodi will then scan the selected music source into the library database. Once the scan is complete, you can browse your collection by selecting 'Library Mode'.
Just found the right key to hit on my IPhone remote. Currently scanning. Thank you very much. I'll keep you posted.