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Full Version: Color in Kodi
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im new to the forum, but have been a fan of xbmc for a couple of years now.
Lately i'm experiencing some problems with colors, especially skin looking grey-blue. Image http://imgur.com/djiwJSG
I tried setting my video settings to default and running on my other monitor. As you can see the problem also doesnt lie with the files itself, VLC runs it just fine. Even on that same monitor.
So the only thing remaining is xbmc itself. Does anyone have a solution to this? I cant seem to find any other bug reports or messages about this.
Is it all skins? Same settings on multiple displays works ok? If not, check your monitor settings.
Could it possibly Tom Cruise sucking the gamma out of your display?
Yeah, even on anime.. light colors in general just turn grey. And i have the same problem with both of my monitors (1440p and 1080p), just using default video output settings.
Other mediaplayers seem to have no problem handeling my videos. And yes, he could be the problem.. Where can i find the tab for Tom Cruise settings.
Debug log (wiki)? That should tell us some info about your system that might give us some clues.
system->system->video-> limited color something?
Looks to me like a monitor color profile or something but that wouldnt affect just xbmc/kodi...

limited range... never tried that on a monitor only TV... but a quick test on VM doesnt make it blue on my stuff here.
Here is the log file: http://xbmclogs.com/show.php?id=359105

Limited color is off. Color profile stays on Normal, and never gives problems with other software..

I now completelly uninstalled Kodi and my older Xbmc, and installed the newest 'stable release' of Kodi 14.0
Problem is still the same..
ATI... I wonder if its just a funky video driver issue they are infamous for their "reliable delivery of crap", Kodi being a OpenGL player and VLC and the likes NOT, so maybe a setting on the hardware accel that Kodi no longer support on their binary drivers? No idea just a guess.

If I were you right now, I would look at testing Openelec on a usb stick for a quick test or XBMCBuntu. That or revisit your video driver settings and reset them to default.
Yeah, seems like a reasonable possebility. I do have a new r9 290 since september.
Ill give it a try.