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Full Version: How are .strm files handled that have multiple lines
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How are strm files handled that have several full paths too files in them on different lines?
E.g could i make an strm file that has a path local mp4 on a removable harddisk on the first line then in the 2nd line a link too a remote server that hosts the same video file. If the strm is played in this case if xbmc cannot find the file on the removable harddisk because the harddisk has been removed does it then go on too playing the video from the remote link in the 2nd line in the file? But if xbmc does find the local file on the removable harddisk does it not go onto playing the remote file on the 2nd line in the file? Or does it treat the file as a playlist and play both files one after another if they can be found?
strm files are only for single URL streams.