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Full Version: UPNP show folder structure
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Hi all,
I am a very happy user of XBMC since more than 5 years, so this moment is a special one as it is my first post to the forums.
My question is if it is possible to share the file structure list of the directory of my music files via the UPNP server of Kodi? I am running a Kodi setup (v13.2) with a hard disk connected that contains all my media files. I access them on my phone via a UPNP app (BubbleUPNP) that reads the Kodi UPNP library. I would like to see the folders that contain my music directly files as they are well sorted by artist and album.
In my previous UPNP server that was possible, but with Kodi unfortunately not anymore. Thanks a lot in advance for your replies.
I beloved upnp in xbmc shares the library rather than filenames.
The music library doesn't yet have this ability over UPnP. You could probably cheat it by adding your music folder under "videos" and not scanning it in, and then you would have a UPnP folder there that shows the normal folder structure. I don't think the UPNp client on your phone would care if it was called "videos" or "music".
Great, that worked, thanks a lot!