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Full Version: Outputting 5.1 via TV for Playbar
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Hi all,
I'm looking for some confirmation for what audio config I should have on my XBMC to output 5.1 to my Sony TV, and then onto Sonos Paybar.

The TV (Sony KDL55W805) is new, and should support pass through from HDMI to Optical, but so far on the Playbar I'm only receiving Stereo, so I want to double check what my XBMC config should be.

I'm running XBMC 13.2 (Openelec 4.2.1) on a NUC 847.

I've been cycling through 2.0 and 5.1 output, passthrough, transcoding, and different 5.1 files, but can't seem to crack it.

Any suggestions welcome!

OK, forget that, I have it working.

2.0 channels, enable passthrough, AC3 capable, enabled DD transcoding. Sorted.

THanks anyway!