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Full Version: Managing TV shows and subdirectories
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I have my TV show collection flat except for a few key folders. For example, I have a lot of documentaries and I prefer to cluster them in a Documentaries subfolder. Ditto with the kids TV shows.

My library layout is
|- Show 1
|- Documentaries
+-- Doco 1
+-- Doco 2
|- Show 2
|- Kids
+-- Kids Show 1
|- Show 3

In TMM adding the top level dir creates a show called Documentaries containing lots of crazy seasons. I've scraped/updated the documentaries folder by removing the top level, adding documentaries on it's own then scraping and re-adding the top level to the data sources list.

I've also tried adding the subdirectory with mixed success so my file sources become /path/to/TV/ and /path/to/TV/Documentaries/. I've not deduced why it's only occasionally working.

Is there a way to have this behave properly or should I just suck it up and go totally flat?
no, you can't mix the structure. Inside one data source, the top level directories have to be the shows

I did create 2 different shares on my NAS to separate documentaries from TV shows. I'd suggest you to either put everything in one data source (mixed shows) or create 3 top level folders (Shows, Documentaries, Kids) and add these 3 to tmm