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Full Version: 13.2 latest tv eps won't show
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hello everyone. myself and my cousin are having a problem with 13.2 not showing our latest tv eps .and that's including my 2 raspberry pi's as well. everything was fine until we updated to the new sabnzbd. after that it removed all the latest eps from our xbmc. if we remove the tv source and add it back it shows all the new eps. but once we get another new episode the same thing happens again. it won't update any new tv eps. Also my music library is giving me issues. for some albums its shows the artwork but not the music.All help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
just got home gonna install the debug program now. how do you take out any passwords that it reads? i remember reading that sometime creating a backup copies passwords in there as well.
is it possible that anyone can help plz.
If you have followed my link, you would have found the way how to grab a logfile...but I will give you the hints again...

Click on this -> Debug Log - and then on "logfile easy"

Or you google for "kodi logfile easy".

None of your passwords are present there and if yes (what I doubt) you can follow the link above and then choose "logfile advanced".

Most passwords are now stripped from the logs automatically. The only exception to this is add-ons, as we can't control everything that add-ons log or do. Some add-ons might not be an issue, but we can't say for sure about all of them. If in doubt, just disable any add-on that you use a password with, assuming it is unrelated to your issue.
Debugging needs to be turned on: log file/Easy (wiki)
sorry thought i was suppose to turn it off after i exited xbmc. i'll be home tomorrow and i'll past it up again. thanks for helping everyone.
Well, nothing seems wrong in the log about the video database (corruption, etc).

Is the problem simply that the library isn't being automatically updated? Have you tried manually updating outside of sabnzbd?
its bugging me us out as well. yes we've tried it manually as well.our movies update. just not the tv shows .i may have forgotten to mention that both of us are new to 13.2 he was using eden all this time and i was using dharma. while on those previous version we didn't have any problems. also after the update some of my music that showed up on dharma , only shows the cover art and not the music on 13.2 i've uninstalled removed xbmc from the registry and all and i've even do a fresh install on my 2nd pc and still having the issue.