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Full Version: Bulk Trailer Downloads....?
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How do I select all movies and just download all trailers at 720p(preferred)?
not possible at the moment...
+1 to this feature at least for donate version
Hy everyones. Any news for this function ?

Additionaly could it be possible to choose the naming convention ?
My problem is that for 3D movies with 2D trailer XBMC think it's a 3D trailer, base on the file name, and switch automaticly the TV to 3D mode ...

Should be very usefull.
+1 for bulk trailer download feature.
I also agree, that at least for the donation version.
sorry to tell, but atm we have barely any time for tmm (RL comes first!).
Thanks for the update mlaggner. We'll wait for you ;-)

By the way what is RL ?
real life Smile
(2015-05-06, 11:33)mlaggner Wrote: [ -> ]real life Smile

what's that? lol