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Full Version: Labels and Buttons
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I think i found a bug in the skinning engine:

if you assign some text to a button, then the label on that button ignores the width of the button itself.
So if i set a button to width 30 and the label to "some quite long text" then the text is rendered completely.
Normally it would be no problem just to no text to the button and simply add a new label but in the settingscategories you have no other way, because the labels for the categories are set by the program
(I think the best way would be to add a "default label" to the settingscategories).

Some additions to the button would be great:
- the <scroll>-tag could make some scrolling buttonlabel.
- some tag for resizing the label (maybe <labelwidth>)

Try <textwidth>

No scrolling will be added to the button control - just make them wide enough for the text, or don't use text.