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Full Version: Ftv Addon not working
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I H ave a Raspberry Pi running Openelec with Frodo and the last couple of days I have not been able to get The Ftvaddon to work on any of the channels especially the Uk package Ihave the same program running on my laptop and works perfectly Any suggestions I have uninstalled the addon and reinstalled it I have used it with and without my Filmon account but still no luck
Same problem, using android box, ftvaddon.....U.K. TV +1 channels work okay...but no live tv.
Same problem for me, FTV UKTV BBC1 and other UK channels accessed via windows laptop working on filmon.com and from KODI.
From android tablet via KODI only +1 channels working, all other UK channels not working.
Maybe coincidence but FTV Guide not working from windows laptop or android tablet.
The addon developer (kinkin) gives support to this addon in other website.
Google ftv kinkin repo forum.