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Full Version: Playstation 4 Skin
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I have just re created this skin for the latest version of Kodi Leia!
This skin is based off the default OSMC skin.

There's still a lot of work to be done and some things may not work properly but if you would like to try out an early build then you can download it from here:

Download skin for Kodi Leia - 22nd November - 8:10PM
Download navigation sounds - 7th November

Great, very interested in this. Especially for using this skin as a frontend for games/emulation

Are you looking to replicate the PS4 menu as much as possible?
Thanks! And yeah I will try to make the skin as much like the PlayStation interface as possible, without bringing it away from the core XBMC/Kodi features.
A very early testing release is now available! Download link is on the first post.
Thanks, will try and give feedback
Finally..Thanks friend. Was hoping someone would do a PS4 skin.....Downloading now!!!
Just released another small update, download link in the first post.

I have had to remove the background sounds as there was a problem where XBMC would start using up loads of ram. I will try and add an option for them in a future version if I find a solution to the Problem.

In the latest update there is an option to enable Shell Features. This will enable the option to have a web browser in the XMB menu, using your choice of browser, a messenger option where you can send and receive emails from XBMC and an option to run an application when exiting. These are all optional and can be enabled in the settings.

There are also improved theme features, if you disable XMBBG (Wave) in the settings and enable themes then you can pick a theme from the list. If you would like to use your own background then just disable themes and click on custom backgrounds. These options are found in skin settings - backgrounds.

There are also some more interface changes, see images below:

watch gallery
This skin is running so smooth and fast on my older android box....Thanks a million..Cant wait to see how its evolves..Big Grin
Hi just some feedback..When Rss enabled on Android text is overlapping hard to read. Would be nice if in Row 1 with power/settings etc there was a favourites shortcut.Suggestion 2 If color of XMB could be changed. Last at the moment for 10 custom items they appear in first line group without icons next to Power/Files etc. Would be nice if the custom items had their own row.Row 2 Custom Items then Row 3 Video Addons then Row 4 Music Addons...Thanks again for the hard work....This skin really has potential!!!
Thanks for the feedback!

I will take a look in to this problem, what is your resolution ? And do you mean it's hard to read because of the background or the text is going over icons ?
I will add a favorites button in to the next update, at the moment you can access your favourites from the power menu.
I have just added in a new feature where the skin allows you to use downloaded ps3 themes, this means when you apply a theme it will change backgrounds and icons. There are over 10,000 themes available to download from here: http://www.ps3-themes.com/
(When I release the update I will include instructions for anyone that wants to use this feature)
I was going to remove the custom items feature completely but I will add an option for this in the settings for anyone who wants it.

Thanks!! Smile

The latest skin update will be released either later on tonight or tomorrow.
Here is a little list of new features/changes:

A lot of improved animations
New XMB bar with button information
Tile fallbacks on the home screen
Loading animation on home screen if favourites aren't visible yet
New themes feature that supports all PS3 themes. These change XMB icons and backgrounds.
Option for PS3 theme sound, e.g. if you select the PlayStation One theme, you will get the old boot sound when starting XBMC.
Improved Christmas theme, with improved snowflakes animation
Movie fanart backgrounds on home screen
Removed background sound because of high ram usage (If you still want it I can send you a download link)
Added over 20 PS3 themes that will come with the skin
Option to enable/disable themes, you can use a custom background or the default PS4 wave
Shell option, enable to send and recieve emails, use a web browser, manage internet connection and add power scripts to XBMC.
Removed unused settings
Theme animations, e.g. if you are using PlayStation 1 theme you will get flying buttons, Christmas you will get snowflakes and for Sonic you will get a 3d animation of Sonic in the background! (See next post)

Here is a little video of the new themes feature:

Here is a little video clip of the Sonic theme:

Big Grin WoW just wow..I am using this skin on Android Box .The resolution is 720p on this older box . Could be causing the RSS the issue as the letters seem to overlap. Your skin is evolving so fast and looking miles better with every update. So fast and smooth on my older Android Boxes. Cant wait to test on a newer Quad core droid box. Please leave the ability to add 10 Custom Items to menu. If they have their own line or Grid if makes this skin perfect as any personal shortcuts can use this menu. Then Fav's has its own line and video addons and music = Maximum Customization for advanced users. Thanks for all the hard work....More people need to test this skin...Dynamic themes to boot. You have really thought of everything....If it could only make popcorn..lol...[/i]
Thanks!! Big Grin
Hmmm I have just tested out this skin on another monitor that was 1280x720 and everything seemed to be okay on there. Would you be able to post a screenshot of the problem ?
I haven't been able to improve the custom items feature in this update as I have had to change around a lot of other things, at the moment they will still show on the XMB bar and there are also icons for them. In the next update I will add a separate menu for custom items that you will be able to enable in the skin settings + I will add in a favorites button on the XMB bar as I forgot to add that in. Hahah Yeah! If only it could! lol

The latest update has just been released! - See the changelog for a list of new features.
Download link is available on the first post. I have also included a little tutorial on how to use PS3 themes in this skin for anyone who wants to use this feature.

Make sure that you delete the previous theme before installing this one!
Thanks downloading.....Will report back ASAP!!
is this for KODIHuh
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