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Full Version: Sic Noticias
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Sic Noticas

hi, can someone help me with the link?

You don't need that, the video is hosted by sapo videos which has an addon for xbmc.
Just install sapo videos from here -> https://github.com/fightnight/fightnight...video.sapo

Then pass the ID of the video to the plugin: plugin://plugin.video.sapo/?mode=5&url=http://videos.sapo.pt/sicnoticias&name=Sic+Noticias

PS: For anyone wondering about legality/piracy despite the site tvtuga is in fact a piracy website, the videos this guy is trying to play are legal. Hosted on sapo videos (a youtube-like video website in Portugal) and uploaded by the owner of the content (sic noticias).