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Full Version: Keyboard shortcut for HOME screen? Lilke "Green Button" in MCE?
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So I am switching over (yes finally) from MCE to Kodi....

One thing for the WAF:

THe green button always went to the home screen of MCE. So far I can only find "ESC" that goes BACK menues but does not jump home.

So is there a similar command for "home" (like the icon in the lower RIGHT of the screen on Kodi)/??

Sorry if I missed this - I searched the wiki etc. I can't believe it is not there and feel kinda stupid for asking!
I mapped the J-key in keyboard.xml for this purpose:

Thank you!!

Is there a list of "activate window"
(2014-12-10, 01:13)sjchmura Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you!!

Is there a list of "activate window"
Have a look at Window_IDs (wiki) ... replace x in <j>ActivateWindow(x)</j> with any window name ... Blush