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Full Version: Playlists on Yatse
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I'm trying to get playlists to work on Yatse.

They work so far as to ilst them and start playing, but Yatse only plays one song, then stops and I have to manually click the next song.

It doesn't work like this if I start the playlist directly on kodi.

Is it a limitation of the current version or a setting?

Does any of the other Android clients support it?

Any pointers as to what I can try?
There's a thread for Yatse support and tons of way to contact me Smile

Random post location have few chances to reach me Wink

Anyway you need to long press the playlist and choose play if you want to play the whole playlist.

Current api does not allow to efficiently queue a playlist with a sort order and a start position.
ok, great; thank; I'll join that.