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Full Version: Delay playback start; missing the first few seconds of every file
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When loading a new video file, the first few seconds of every file is missed because of the few seconds it takes for the tv to switch to the source refresh rate and for the receiver to switch to the proper surround mode. Is there a way to delay the playback of the file for a few seconds after it's loaded to fix this? The issue isn't apparent after unpausing the video, so if there was a way to simply pause the video it would give my components time to adjust to the source. I'm sure this is an issue for many people because it happens on not only my old toshiba lcd tv, but also my samsung f8500, and my computer monitor. I understand that if I disable audio pass-through and syncing the refreshrate the delay wouldn't be as bad, but I'd rather not trade off quality to fix an annoyance. Thanks.

Look for "Pause during refresh rate change"

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